The motto of our campsite: ``EVERYTHING FOR OUR GUESTS``

The present internal regulations have been drawn up by us entirely consistent with the campsite’s motto, in order to protect the tourists visiting our campsite, to guarantee a peaceful and quiet stay for all our guests. In view of the above, please read carefully the provisions herein and fully comply with the rules of conduct set out below.

By signing the booking form or any comparable document, you expressly declare that you understand and accept these rules.

1. Upon arrival at the campsite, tourists are required to fill in the registration form/ booking form. By completing and signing said form, campers acknowledge these rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.

2. The booking form along with an identification document (ID card/passport) will be handed over to the campsite staff at the reception. After the client has been identified and the booking form has been checked, the identity document is returned and the guest is taken to the booked accommodation

3. Pre-booked accommodation facilities are kept free until18:00o’clock on the day of arrival. Guests arriving after this time are kindly requested to inform us in advance of the delay, otherwise they will automatically lose their reservation. After 21:00 o’clock, no check-in procedures are performed.

4. In order to allow tourists to rest, the main gate of the campsite is closed between 22:00-07:00. During this period vehicle circulation is prohibited. If, for any reason, you need to drive during the above period, please let us know in advance

5. If the number of persons included in the reservation changes, please inform the reception and make sure that the change has been registered.

6. Guests can use the campsite’s sports grounds free of charge.

7. Car parking is possible within the conditions specified for each type of accommodation. Please observe these conditions.

8. In the case of category Acamping pitches, our guests can connect to water, sewage and electricity. The intention to do so must be notified at the reception. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to connect to any utility on your own!

9. The accommodation period starts at 02:00 PM and ends the next day at 12:00. If this time is exceeded, or if you wish to occupy the accommodation at an earlier hour, an additional fee may be charged. If the accommodation is not vacated by 12:00 noon, the additional fee is 30% of the daily rate. Tourists are expected to pay for the services upon arrival. If there are any differences, they will be settled upon leaving the campsite. The campsite reception is open between 08:00-21:00.

10. At the end of their stay, guests will check out at the reception, settle any outstanding debts, hand over the keys to the accommodation and other items received from the campsite manager.

11. The campsite provides a natural environment for tourists, and guests are expected to preserve it, including the peace and quiet of the camps.Disruptive, noisy activities on the premises are forbidden during the entire stay. The campsite is a place for rest and relaxation, not a club. Tourists will have to be respectful of the peace and quiet of others. Anyone not complying with this requirement will be evicted from the premises!

12. In view of the internal vehicle movement rules of the campsite, all persons entering the establishment are required to observe these rules as well as the signs installed within the campsite. The speed limit for vehicles on the premises is of 5 km/h. The use of passenger cars is only allowed for entering and leaving the campsite, never for driving inside it.

13. Open fires on the camping site are ONLY allowed to be lit in the places specially designated by the campsite manager for this purpose. Firewood is not provided to tourists by the campsite management.

14. If guests intend to use the campsite’s indoor kitchen, they are required to inform the reception in advance. The campsite manager will provide cooking utensils for guests, if requested.

15. Please observe the quiet hours of the campsite, i.e. between 16-18 and 22:00-07:00.

16. We also provide a designated area with internet access.

 17. If guests wish to use the indoor infant changing table, they must inform the reception in advance of such intent.

18. If necessary, we can provide spare bedding, so please let us know if you need them.

19. Pets are not allowed on the campsite.

20. To visit the campsite, a permit, as well as the registration of the visitor’s Passport or Identity Card isrequired. Visitors will be charged a one-day fee for staying on the campsite for up to six (6) hours. A stay of more than six hours, up to 24 hours is charged the price of an overnight stay.

21. The campsite management provides cleaning services, but in order to maintain cleanliness, we need tourists’ help, cooperation and consideration. Waste must be deposited in the bins available at the campsite. It is not allowed to dispose of waste in any other place on the premises.

22. It is forbidden to wash vehicles or campers on the premises. Please make sure to turn off the water taps after using them.

23. The campsite management is not liable for any interruptions that may occur with respect to the utilities (water, electricity, and internet) brought about by their respective providers.

24. Should you notice any malfunction in the water, electricity or sewage system, please notify a representative of the management immediately. Any intervention by guests is strictly forbidden!

25. Please keep the sanitary facilities clean, and leave them in an uncontaminated state after use so that they can be used by other tourists as well.

26. Campers are kindly advised to take care of their personal valuables. The campsite management guards the campsite, but cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of tourists’ belongings.Campsite management accepts no responsibility for any theft or wear and tear of camping facilities and equipment. The storage of any valuables inside the camping facilities shall be at the owners’ risk.

27. The campsite management will not be liable for any damage caused by extreme weather conditions, fire, force majeure or terrorist attacks. Our company will make the Guesthouse restaurant at the campsite available to our guests as a temporary shelter. Furthermore, we kindly appeal to you not to spread panic in case of such weather conditions and to strictly follow the instructions of the staff.

28. For the smooth operation of the campsite, the safety of the campers, as well as for aesthetic reasons, any alterations to the campsite or the camping facilities, apart from the camper, a tarp and an umbrella per camping pitch are strictly forbidden.

29. It is strictly forbidden to approach the stream on the campsite closer than 5 metres, as this represents its protection area.

30. Given that our tourist establishment is located in the middle of nature, please be aware of insects and protect yourself against them. The campsite manager bears no responsibility for any stings, bites or allergic reactions caused by such.

31. It is not allowed to wash dishes, clothes or cars at the faucets areas of the campsite.

32. Electricity switchboards are operated exclusively by campsite staff for safety reasons.

33. The manager has the right to evict, without a second warning, any guests or visitors who do not comply with the rules and regulations of the campsite, as well as for any violation or damage caused due to their fault, to any facility or equipment of the campsite, and has the right to enforce an appropriate fine and claim damages.

34. In view of the constantly changing epidemiological situation in Romania and the relevant hygiene rules, we demand strict compliance with such rules. In this regard, you are kindly requested to comply with the rules regarding social distancing and hygiene and to use the disinfectants provided by our company.

35. The provisions of these regulations also apply, where appropriate, to guests staying in the Guesthouse operating on the camping ground.

36. For enquiries and complaints please call 0744399160 .

Through the Director - Máthé Katalin - Maket kft.